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Volume 9, No. 3, September  2013, Shawwal  1434 H

Articles in Arabic                                      البحوث باللغة العربية



Laboratory- Safety Concepts of the Algerian-School Teachers

Abstract: The aim of the present study was to indentify the level of knowledge of the Algerian school teachers about the laboratory - safety concepts and ways. A laboratory Safety test (built up by us) had been applied on a sample consisting of 170 teachers of both sexes.


Rayan sid ali

 JJES,  2013, 9(3) 255 - 261

Spatial Ability among the Students with Learning Disabilities in Hail and its Relation with Some Variables

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the development of spatial ability among the learning disabilities students in Hail and its relationship with some variables in addition to identifying the individual differences in performance on the spatial ability test and relationship with the variables of grade, the type of learning disability, and gender belonging to the directorate of education in Hail.


Mohamed Ahmed Khasawneh

JJES,  2013, 9(3) 263 - 273

Designing an e-Learning Environment based on Computer Simulation and its Effectiveness on Developing some Official Skills and Improving Deep Learning Skills among Commercial Secondary Schools’ Students

Abstract: The purpose of this research was to design an e-Learning environment based on computer simulation and measure its effectiveness on developing some official skills and deep learning skills among commercial secondary schools’ students.


Hamdi, A. Abdelaziz

JJES,  2013, 9(3) 275 - 292

The Effect of Using a (Vee) Shape Acquisition of the Jurisprudence Concepts in the Seventh Grade in Jordan

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of using a (Vee) shape acquisition of the jurisprudence concepts in the seventh grade students in the Education Zarqa zone. The study sample consisted of (87) students divided into four groups, two experimental groups taught by using the (Vee) shape , and two control examined in the usual way.


Eman Al-Tamimi

 JJES,  2013, 9(3) 293 - 306

Basic Tenth Grade Students' Arguments about Socio-Genetic Issues in Biology as Related to Reasoning Patterns

Abstract: This study aimed at exploring the quality of arguments and reasoning patterns of students in the Basic tenth grade in Jordan on issues of cloning, genetic engineering, endogamy, and premarital genetic screening.  To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used a qualitative method.


Zead A. Al-Jrrah

Abdollah M. Khataibeh

Mahmoud H. Bni Khalaf

JJES,  2013, 9(3) 307 - 318

The Effect of Alternatives Number and Changing the Position of the Strong Distractor on Items Parameters, Person Ability and Information Function

Abstract: This study aimed at verifying the effect of the number of alternatives and changing the strong distractor position on the items parameters, person’s ability and information function.


Zaid Bani Ata

Ibraheem Al-Rabbaie

JJES,  2013, 9(3) 319 - 333

Articles in English                                البحوث باللغة الإنجليزية



An Assessment of Reading Comprehension Practice in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed at assessing the level of reading comprehension proficiency of EFL Jordanian readers with regard to the relationship between identifying the main idea in a paragraph and language proficiency in expository texts.


Dina Al-Jamal

Mahir Al-Hawamleh

Ghadeer Al-Jamal

 JJES,  2013, 9(3) 335 - 344

The Effect of Open-ended Tasks –as an assessment tool- on Fourth Graders’ Mathematics Achievement, and Assessing Students’ Perspectives about it

Abstract: The open-ended task constitutes an effective type of assessment. This study aimed at investigating the effect of open-ended tasks on fourth graders’ mathematics achievement and assessing students’ perspectives about it.


Mohammad Al-Absi

 JJES,  2013, 9(3) 345 - 351