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Volume 9, No. 4, December  2013, Safar  1435 H

Articles in Arabic                                      البحوث باللغة العربية



Spiritual Intelligence and its Relationship to Gender and Achievement Level of  Students in The Faculty of  Education at Yarmouk University in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed at exploring the level of Spiritual Intelligence among Yarmouk University students, and whether this level varies according to students gender and level of achievement. It also aimed at determining the possibility of predicting academic achievement from the components of Spiritual Intelligence.


Faisal El- Rabeea

 JJES,  2013, 9(4) 353- 364

Using Computer and the Internet in Preparing Teachers of Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages: The Status of Arabic Language Institute at King Saud University

Abstract: This research aims to introduce the uses of computers and the Internet in the preparation of teachers of Arabic as a second language through the detection of trends in trainees’ attitudes toward the syllabus of a computer assisted language course, and whether there were statistically significant differences attributable to variables (specialization , age, and schools from which students graduated).


Saad Ali Alkahtani

JJES,  2013, 9(4) 365- 376

Evaluation of Library Services for People with Visual Disability in Jordan in Light of International Standards

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the current status of the library services provided to people with visual disability in Jordan for the year (2012) and compare them to international practices and standards.


Eman Al-Zboon

Muna Al-Hadidi

JJES,  2013, 9(4) 377- 388

Tourism Education in Social Studies and National Textbooks for Intermediate Level in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine the domains and items of tourism education which should be included from the expertise viewpoints in social studies and national textbooks at an intermediate level in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to find out to what extent these domains and items are included in these     textbooks.



Fahad A. Alomairi

 JJES,  2013, 9(4) 389- 402

The Effect of A Training Program Based on  Borba Theory in Developing Moral Intelligence Among SOS Children in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the  effect of  a training program  based on Borba theory in developing moral intelligence among SOS children in Jordan. The sample of the study consisted of (50) male and female SOS children from Aqaba ranging in age between 9 – 14 years, who were randomly divided into two groups, a control and an experimental group.


Muwafaq Bsharah

JJES,  2013, 9(4) 403- 417

Self-Efficiency in Relation to Vocational Adjustment and Performance Quality among the Teachers of Resources Rooms in West Bank governmental Schools

Abstract: The current study aimed at recognizing self-efficiency, vocational adjustment, and performance quality levels among teacher of resources rooms in the West Bank governmental schools besides identifying the nature of the relationship between the overall score and the dimensions of self-efficiency, vocational adjustment, and performance quality scales.


Goltan Hijazi 

JJES,  2013, 9(4) 419- 433

The Effect of an Educational Program Based on The Communicative Approach on Developing Critical Listening Skills among Ninth Grade Students

Abstract: This study aimed at exploring the effect of an educational program based on the communicative approach on developing critical listening skills among ninth grade students. An educational program and critical listening skills test were developed to achieve this aim. The experimental group was taught according to the educational program while the control group was taught by the traditional method.


Nisreen Al-Zubaidi

Abdelkareem Al- Haddad

Suad Al- Wa’eli

JJES,  2013, 9(4)
435- 447

Articles in English                                البحوث باللغة الإنجليزية



Difficulties in Content and Language Integrated Learning: The Case of Math

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to identify difficulty types encountered by Content and language Integrated Learning (CLIL) learners in foreign language setting as relevant to university students’ ability to understand math lectures that are taught in English.


Ruba Miqdadi

Dina Al-Jamal

 JJES,  2013, 9(4) 449-459