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Linguistic Means of Reflection of Characters’ Mimic Gestures in the English Literary Texts of the XIX Century




The complex research of the mimic gestures of characters and  their reflection in the English literary texts of the XIX century is carried out. The article reveals common patterns in the functions of nonverbal components of communication that regulate interpersonal relationships and express human emotions in different communicative situations. The national sociocultural and etiquette differences of nonverbal means that were characteristic of stereotypical behavior of the inhabitants of England in the XIX century are substantiated. An invariant (expression of face, smile, look) - variant (semantic and stylistic units) model of organization of means of communication to denote the mimic gestures of characters in the English literary texts of the XIX century is also revealed. Moreover,  common patterns and differences in language marking the mimic gestures depending on the positive / negative / neutral reactions of characters in literary communicative situations are identified. Methodological principles of studying kinesics in the paralinguistic aspect are finally determined.

Keywords: Communicative Situations, Mimic Gestures, Lexemes, Literary Text, Verbal and Nonverbal Interaction.

Authors: Maria Shutova , Svitlana Mudrynych, Oksana Tsymbalysta

Doi: https://doi.org/10.47012/jjmll.15.3.3


Cited by: Jordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literatures (JJMLL) 2023, 15 (3): 797-812


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