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Volume 1, No. 1, September 2008, Ramadan 1429 H




John Dryden’s The Conquest of Granada: The Green-Eyed Monster Reconsidered

This paper demonstrates that John Dryden in The Conquest of Granada treats jealousy in men from the modern psychoanalytical perspective. When other playwrights of his period conceive man’s jealousy, in their plays, as a selfish sexual passion, Dryden views it more of socio-cultural and political influences. In other words, he does not narrowly confine jealousy to heterosexual love, nor does he bind it to man’s instinctual urge to protect his object of love, as his contemporaries do; rather, he encourages his audience to look beyond the heterosexual relationships to understand jealousy and its different manifestations within the heterosexual couple.  


Mohammed Rawashdeh

JJMLL, 2008, 1(1), 1-21

Firthian Prosodic Approach: Evidence From Arabic

Preoccupation with the narrow segmentalism of phonemics has entailed the ignoring of many regularities extending beyond the domain of the phoneme. Firthian prosodic analysis rejects this purely segmental, ‘linear’, phonemic analysis, and assigns phonological features to prosodies which are non-segmental entities that can be tied to any level or aspect of phonology – spread over a whole word, or root, or syntactic unit, or syllable, or a part of a syllable, for example.


Bashar Al-Rashdan

JJMLL, 2008, 1(1), 23-41

Interaction of Weight Effects with Extrametricality in Cairene Arabic: a Constraint-Based Analysis

The present paper is coached within the framework of Optimality Theory (Prince and Smolensky, 1993, McCarthy and Prince, 1993a, b) to show that intrinsic prominence of the syllable is not a determining factor in stress placement in Cairene Arabic (Mitchell, 1960; McCarthy, 1979b; Kenstowics, 1994: 551). The argument hinges on the assumption that Prince and Smolensky’s (1993) PK=PROM and WSP, the two constraints responsible for the intrinsic prominence of syllables, are low-ranking in Cairene Arabic. That is, violation of one or both constraints never results in incorrect stress pattern(s).


Rasheed Al- Jarrah  

JJMLL, 2008, 1(1), 44-60

Time Expressions in Jordanian Spoken Arabic: An Ethno-Linguistic Statement

Time expressions in Arabic constitute a set of forms reflecting some culture-specific ethnolinguistic patterns of communication. These patterns are translatable into modern world languages, e.g., English. Although the translation is comprehensible, the time expression may sound strange to non-Arabs. Such is the relativity of linguistic expressions.


Bashar Al-Rashdan  

JJMLL, 2008, 1(1), 61-80

Nominalisation des noms de maladies

This article looks at the phenomenon of nominalisations which shows a basis for the development of certain constructions in French. In a first step, we studied the intensive permanent research of several linguists in the field in question and results: the multiplicity of theoretical concepts. 


Samira Moutakil

JJMLL, 2008, 1(1), 81-101