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        Volume 12 No1 March 2020, Rajab 1441 H





The Metamorphoses of the Femme Fatale in H. Rider Haggards She and John Fowless The French Lieutenants Woman

Fadia Soyoufi, Ghada Sasa, Faiza Rahil



Child Dialect Variation and Change: Case of Amman Speech Community, Jordan

Hussein Obeidat, Khadidja Hammoudi



Leconte de Lisle entre Culte de la Forme et Lyrisme de la Posie


Sidad Anwar Mohammed



Medial Tri-Consonantal Clusters in Urban Jordanian Arabic


                Hani Na'eem, Mujdey Abudalbuh, Aziz Jaber



Translating Mental Tropes Related to Active and Passive Participles: Syntactic Twisting and Semantic Exclusivity


  Aladdin Al-Kharabsheh, Azhar Al-Azaizeh


The Dialectics of Hostile Dehumanization in Shakespeares Julius Caesar: A Sociopsychological Approach


Mufeed Al-Abdullah


Engagement in Translation: Interactional Metadiscourse Markers in American Presidential Debates


Mohammed Farghal, Bushra Kalakh


Revisiting Directionality in Translation Studies


Bilal Sayaheen, Ibrahim Darwishl


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