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  Volume 13 No 1 March 2021, Shaban 1442 H


Doi: 10.47012/13.2



Jordanian National Identity Aspects in Action Pack Series 7-10


Wedad Al Bzour, Dina Al-Jamal



An Exploration of Teachers' Perspectives towards Cognitive, Affective and Linguistic Teaching Principles while Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Abeer Al-Ghazo, IssamTa'amneh



Cognitive Models of Concepts Transformation in Some German Sports Terms Borrowed from English


Larisa Miroshnichenko, Elena Musaelian, Larisa Voronina



Language and Politics: Prose as a Medium of Societal Apartheid in Shakespeares Julius Caesar



Mufeed Al-abdullah



La Rception Visuelle du Texte: Analyse du Pome Familiale de Jacques Prvert Selon les Thories de la Rception



 Khaled Younes


Identity and Patriarchy: Nadia al-Kowkabanis My Sanaa



Khaled Alkodimi


The Formation of Verbs of Emotion in Arabic


Abdallah Alshdaifat


Female Disney Characters Linguistic Features in the 1990s



Noor Al-Yasin, Ghaleb Rabab'ah


A Sociopragmatic Study of Intra-Gender Compliment Responses by Saudi College Students



Fathi Migdadi



Awareness of BA Translation Students of the Arabic Grammatical Aspects and their Translations into English: A Comparative Study



Mohammad Atawi Sariareh, Haytham Hammad Althawbih