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  Volume 13 No 2 June 2021, Dhu al-Qa'dah  1442 H


Doi: 10.47012/13.2



A Study of the Etymology of the Arabic Word "Istorah": A Historical and Comparative Outlook


Malek Zuraikat , Marwan Jarrah, Rasheed AI-Jarrah



The Sociolinguistic Status Quo of the English Language Departments in Jordan: A Language Planning Perspective

Dima Maithalouni, Fawwaz Al-AbedAl-Haq , MujdeyAbudalbuh



Entre Ici et L-Bas, Vit un Petit Pays


Rana Alameen



The Dual Attitude towards the Arab Personality in the Contemporary Hebrew Children's Literature: A Critical Analysis of Ronette Gettle man's 'On Her Way'



Mohammad Al-Nusirat, Mahmoud Al-amrat, Taisaer Al-azzam



Comparative Study of Interactional Metadiscourse Markers in the Discussion Section of Softand Hard Science Research Articles: Hedges and Boosters in Focus



 Maryam Farnia, Sara Gerami


Genre Analysis of Accounts of Methodology inArabic
Educational Research Articles



Ahmad Tawalbeh


The Relationship between Critical Thinking, Frequency, Informal Fallacy and Evidence in Argumentative Writing


Nikoo Davarpanah, Siros Izadpanah, Parima Fasih


Dnominations Polmiques, Mpris et contre Mpris dans les Discours Produits entre 2017-2019 sur les Rfugis en Algrie





Inclusive Education and Learning English as Foreign Language in Algeria: Views from Faculty Members at Abderrahmane Mira University



Rahima Arib



Delectable pleasures: Alcohol, Drinking and Subversive Masculinities in the Comedies of Etherege and Wycherley





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