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  Volume 14 No 1 March 2022, Shaban  1443 H


Doi: 10.47012/14.1



Late Merger in Modal Superlatives: The Case of Levantine Arabic


Abdel-Rahman Abu Helal



Similes in Translating Animal Names from Jordanian Spoken
Arabic into English

Mohd Nour AlSalem, Imran Alrashdan, Essa Salem



Poetry and Prose and the Compound in Abu Sulayman Al-Sijistani


Sahar Al-Jadallah,  Sawsan Daraiseh 



The Status of the Derivative Adjective Forms in the Lexicon: Evidence on Pseudo Default Patterns


Sabri S.Y. Al-Shboul, Wael Zuraiq, MohD Al-omari, Anas Huneety, Bassil Mashaqba



Pragmatic Analysis of Impolite Speech Acts and their Verbal
Responses in Shakespeares Hamlet



 Sahira Mousa Salman, Abdali H. ShihanAl-Saidi, Abed Shahooth khalaf



Revisiting Interpretive Translation Method: A Case Study
of Muhammad Thalibs Quranic Translation



Fahmi Gunawan, M. R. Nababan, Hanifullah Syukri, Ibnu Burdah



Prophet Muhammad's Linguistic Etiquette


Wafa Abu Hatab



Dealing with Dialects in Literary Translation: Problems and Strategies


Rajai AL-Khanji, Narjes Ennasser



The Pivotal Role of Small Talk in Distance Teaching During
 Covid 19 Curfew Period


Rula Abu-Elrob, Ahmad Tawalbeh



Post-Heroic Portrayal of Warin Kevin Powers The Yellow Birds



Raihanah M M, M Ikbal MAlosman



Discourse Markers in Narrative Essays: A Case Study of Jordanian
High School EFL Learners



Ghaleb Rabab'ah, Ameena Ma'touq, Sharif Alghazo


A Theoretical Review of the Speech Act of Offering: Towards
a Categorization of its Use in Jordanian Arabic



Sami Haddad


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