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  Volume 14, No. 4A, December 2022, Jumada Al-awwal 1444 H


Doi: 10.47012/14.4



Manipulation or Censorship in Translating the History of Algeria: Dhākirat-Al-jasad as a Case Study

Amina Tahraoui, Wafaa Bedjaoui



Arabic Metonymy and Synecdoche in English Translation: The Case of Body Parts

Mohammed Farghal, Eman Alenezi



Chinese Language Investment: Pesantren and Social Reproduction Challenges


Setefanus Suprajitno, Budi Kurniawan 



Pre-translation Analysis of International Legal Discourse: From Social Semiotics to the Concepts of Lotman and Bakhtin


Nataliia K. Kravchenko, Oksana H. Soshko, Yuliia R. Markova


Cohesion of Textual Structure in the Saudi Vision 2030s Introduction

Nawal Altheniyan


Variation in Negation in the Jordanian Arabic Dialect of Maan


Bayan Altalhouni, Atef Alsarayreh



Compliments and Compliment Responses among Palestinian EFL University Learners: A Sociolinguistic Study



Wahhaj Abulehia, Khader Tawfiq Khader



A Tale of Two Banks of a River: A Critical Study of Ethnonyms in the Toponymies of Rufaa and Hassahiesa, Sudan


Khalid Tag Eldin



On the Coattails of Supremacy: Neo-Orientalism in Fouad Ajamis The Dream Palace of the Arabs: A Generations Odyssey


Mahmoud Zidan, Duaa Salameh



Vulnerable Lives and Culpability in American War Narrative: A Comparative Approach


M Ikbal M Alosman



Volume 14, No. 4B, December 2022, Jumada Al-awwal 1444 H


Language Use and Attitudes among the Kurds of Baghdad


Tiba A. Al-Obaidi, Mohammed Nofal



Question Types in Lecture Rooms: EFL Setting as an Example


Mahmoud A. Al-Sobh, Samer M. Al-Zoubi, Ameen Z. Al Khamaiseh, Fawwaz Al- Abed Al-Haq



Analyse de la Dimension Emotionnelle Positive dans les Deux Discours du Prsident Algrien au Dbut de la Crise Sanitaire de la Covid-19


Youcef Dahmani, Houda Akmoun


Humanized Microhistory of Translation: The Case of Modern Arabic Literature in English Translation


Mohammed Al-Batineh



EFL Vocabulary Acquisition through Reading Courses during Covid-19

Nayef Alotaibi


Demarcating the Use and Misuse of Epistemic and Deontic Modality Operators in Some Translated Verses of Surah Al-Kahf: A Systemic Functional Approach


Mohammad Abdulaal



Variation in Negation Patterns of Verbless Clauses in Ammani Arabic


Aya Mohammad Hamdieh, Marwan Jarrah, Abdel Rahman Mitib Altakhaineh, Ekab Al-shawashreh



The Legitimacy of Liberal Feminism in Preeti Shenoys Select Texts


Dhanuskodi Pandeeswari, Anandhan Hariharasudan



La Bibliothque de Babel : Le Monde du Savoir Chaotique


Majida Sayegh


Pour une Canonisation Littraire Continue


Marjana Djukic


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