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  Volume 15, No. 4A, December 2023, Jumada al-Thani 1445 H


Doi: 10.47012/15.4



Realizing Politeness via Impoliteness: The Use of akhs as a Positive Politeness Marker in Karaki Arabic

Bilal Al Adaileh 



La Pandmie Mondiale de Coronavirus Vue par les Street-Artistes: Étude Smiologique des Graffitis Raliss avant le Premier Confinement

Ghada Saber 



Complementizer Agreement in Jordanian Arabic is Agree-based: Evidence from Fronted Objects


Atef Alsarayreh 



Analyse du Discours Touristique Produit dans le Matriel Promotionnel



Hamzeh Hammouri, Mousa Awwad



Social Representation of the Revenge of Nature in Cormac McCarthys The Road (2006)

Sarah Chabane Chaouch, Mahmoud F. Alshetawi



I Just Stopped Being Able to Express the Want: Trauma and Body Narratives in Jonathan Safran Foers Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2005)



Soumaya Bouacida, Ikram Lecheheb, Belkahla Imane



Los gitanos una utopía social en Romance de la guardia civil española de Lorca y Entre las tiendas de los gitanos de Arar: un estudio comparativo



Mohammad Ababneh, Abdullah Al-Amar



Presence-Absence Dialectics in Athol Fugards Blood Knot


Hamzeh Al-Jarrah



Regaining the Lost Momentum toward Authenticity: Heideggerian Being in Fowles's The Magus and Golding's Free Fall


Hossein Sabouri, Canan Şavkay, Amin Khanbazian, Akbar Bagheri Azar



Daisy Miller: A Female Prototype in a Patriarchal Society

Rasha Shaher Al- Erjan



 Volume 15, No. 4B, December 2023, Jumada al-Thani 1445 H


Translation as an Ideological Practice in Abulhawas Mornings in Jenin


Areej Allawzi * , Deema Ammari, Dina Salman, Ismail Almazaidah



Literary Style in the Arabic Translation of Charlotte Brontes The Professor


Fatima Muhaidat, Maisoun Abu-Joudeh, Elham T. Hussein 



Translating Persian Emotion into English Subtitles from a Semantic Perspective: A Case of Persian Films


Saleh Sanatifar, Ziba Ghamsarian


The Cohesive Function of the Reference in the Business and Economic Language: A Case of English-Arabic Translated Texts



Duaa K. Talafha



The Burden of Freedom: A Sociological Analysis of August Wilsons Two Trains Running


Fazel Asadi Amjad, Fatemeh Torki Baghbaderani



Psychological Operations and Their Ethical Implications in Phil Klays Redeployment



M Ikbal M Alosman, Murad Sawalmeh



Discourse Failure as an Aesthetic Motif in the Absurd Theatre: A Comparative Study of Samuel Beckets Waiting for Godot and Tawfiq Al-Hakims The Tree Climber


Mohammad Al-Abdulrazaq, Mamoun Alzoubi 



The Survival Strategy of Diaspora Javanese Women in New Caledonia in the Novel La Bayou de Djakarta Nouma


Wening Udasmoro, Setiadi, Aprillia Firmonasari



Iannucci and Branaghs Adaptations of David Copperfield and Much Ado about Nothing: The Problematic of Race-Bending


Hala T. Maani, Samira Al-Khawaldeh



The Prosodic Stylistics of John Gowers Tale of Jason and Medea


Malek J. Zuraikat



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