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Organization of the Manuscript

§   Manuscripts must be written in English or Arabic (Manuscripts submitted in Arabic should be accompanied by an abstract and keywords in English).

§   There are no page charges to individuals or institutions for contributions.

§   All manuscripts will be reviewed.

§   The author should adhere to the following order of presentation: article title, author(s), abstract, current mathematics subject classifications and keywords, main text, acknowledgement, references, full address(es) and e-mail(s).


Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments, including those for grant and financial support, should be typed in one paragraph directly preceding the References section.


References: References should be given in alphabetical order according to the surnames of the authors at the end of the paper. The following style should be used :

-  G. Köthe (1969), Topological vector spaces I, Springer-Verlag.

-  D.P.Blecher and V.I.Paulsen, Tensor products of operator spaces, J. Funct. Anal. 99(1991), 262-292.

Reprints and Proofs

Authors will receive the first proofs for necessary corrections (no alterations or corrections, except printing errors will normally be accepted at this point), which should be retuned within one week of receipt. Authors will receive one copy of the issue in which their work appears and ten (10) offprint  free of charge.


Submission is an admission by the authors that the manuscript has neither been previously published nor is being considered for publication elsewhere. A statement transferring copyright from the authors to Yarmouk University is required before the manuscript can be accepted for publication. The necessary form for such transfer is supplied by the Editor-in-Chief with the article proofs. Reproduction of any part of the contents of a published work is forbidden without a written permission by the Editor-in-Chief.


Opinions expressed in this journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editorial board, the university, the policy of the Scientific Research Support Fund or the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.