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Latest Issue

Volume 12, No. 1, March 2019




t-Norms Over Q-Fuzzy Subgroups of a Group

In this paper, Q-fuzzy subgroups and normal Q-fuzzy subgroups of group G with respect to t-norm T are defined and investigated some of their properties and structured characteristics. Next the properties of them under homomorphisms and anti-homomorphisms are discussed.


R. Rasuli

H. Naraghi


JJMS, 2019, 12(1),1-13

Economic Order Quantity Models for Price Dependent Demand and Different Holding Cost Functions

Demand for any type of item depends on its nature like; sensitivity for the price and degree of freshness. Previous inventory models usually assumed that the demand of the commodities was constant or stock-dependent. This paper develops an EOQ models for items whose demand is a decreasing function of selling price.
The first model assumes holding cost is non-linear multiplicative function of selling price and time. In the second model holding cost is considered ................



R. P. Tripathi


JJMS, 2019, 12(1),15-33

Irreducible & Strongly Irreducible Bi-Ideals of Γ-So-Rings

The set of all partial functions over a set under a natural addition
(disjoint-domain sum), functional composition and functional relation on them, forms a Γ-so-ring. In this paper we introduce the notions of irreducible bi-ideal, strongly irreducible bi-ideal and strongly prime bi-ideals of Γ-so-rings and we prove that a bi-ideal is strongly irreducible if and only if it is strongly prime in a class of Γ-so-rings.



Dr. P. V. Srinivasa Rao
Dr. M. Siva Mala


JJMS, 2019, 12(1),35-49

The Adjacency-Jacobsthal Sequence in Finite Groups

The adjacency-Jacobsthal sequence and the adjacency-Jacobsthal matrix were defined by Deveci and Artun (see [5]). In this work, we consider the cyclic groups which are generated by the multiplicative orders of the adjacency-Jacobsthal matrix when read modulo α(α > 1). Also, we study the adjacency-Jacobsthal sequence modulo α and then we obtain the relationship among the periods of the adjacency-Jacobsthal sequence ...................



Erdal Karaduman
Yeşim Aküzüm

Ömür Deveci

JJMS, 2019, 12(1),51-58

On the Third Hankel Determinant for a Subclass of Close-to-Convex Functions

Let A denote the class of all normalized analytic function f in the
unit disc U of the form f(z) = z +
Σ1n=2 anzn.

The object of this paper is to obtain a bound to the third Hankel determinant denoted by H3(1) for a subclass of close-to-convex functions.


Pravati Sahoo


JJMS, 2019, 12(1),59-73

Odd Vertex Equitable Even Labeling of Ladder Graphs

Let G be a graph with p vertices and q edges and A={1,3, . . . ,q} if q is odd or A={1,3, . . . ,q+1} if q is even. A graph G is said to admit an odd vertex equitable even labeling if there exists a vertex labeling f : V (G) A that induces an edge labeling f٭ defined by f٭ (uv) = f(u)+f(v) for all edges uv such that for all a and b in A, |vf (a) -vf (b)|≤1 and the induced edge labels are 2; 4; : : : ; 2q where vf (a) be the number of vertices v .......................


P. Jeyanthi

A. Maheswari

M. Vijayalakshmi

JJMS, 2019, 12(1),75-87

Solving the Optimal Control Problems with Constraint of Integral Equations Via Müntz Polynomials

In this study, an efficient numerical scheme is presented for solving a class of optimal control problems governed by the form of the Volterra-Fredholm integral equation. The technique based upon approximating the state and control functions by Müntz polynomials. The numerical integration and new approach utilized to discretize the optimal control problem to a nonlinear programming using the Chebyshev nodes together with the Gauss quadrature rule. Finally, numerical examples illustrate the efficiency of the proposed method.


Neda Negarchi

Kazem Nouri


JJMS, 2019, 12(1),89-102