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Latest Issue

Volume 15, No. 1, March 2022




Maximal Ideals of Transitive BE-Algebras

The notion of maximal ideals is introduced in transitive BE-algebras.
Some equivalent conditions are derived for a proper ideal of BE-algebra to become a maximal ideal. The concept of semi-simple BE-algebras is introduced and its properties are studied in terms of maximal ideals of BE-algebras.


M. Bala Prabhakar
S. Kalesha Vali
M. Sambasiva Rao



JJMS, 2022, 15(1), 1-14


In this paper, we investigate the existence of weak solutions for some
coupled systems of fractional Caputo-type modification of the Erdelyi-Kober differential equations with retardation and anticipation. Our approach is based on Monch’s fixed point theorem associated with the technique of measure of weak noncompactness. Finally, an example of our results is provided.


Mokhtar Boumaaza
Mouffak Benchohra
Juan J. Trujillo



JJMS, 2022, 15(1), 15-31


Stable Range Conditions

In this paper, we discuss stable range conditions (stable range one, unit
1-stable range and weakly unit 1-stable range) for a semilocal ring. In particular, we prove that a semilocal ring satisfies weakly unit 1-stable range if and only if it is Ʃ-clean ring. We also show that none of the properties are local properties.


Nitin Bisht

JJMS, 2022, 15(1), 33-42


Notes on Generalizations of Hopfian and Co-Hopfian Modules

A module M is called semi co-Hopfian (resp. semi Hopfian) if any
injective (resp. surjective) endomorphism of M has a direct summand image (resp. kernel). We show that if M is semi Hopfian strongly co-Hopfian or semi co-Hopfian strongly Hopfian module, then EndR(M) is strongly π-regular ring. As a conse quence we obtain a version of Hopkins-Levitzki Theorem extend to semi Hopfian module and to semi co-Hopfian module. The semi Hopficity and semi co-Hopficity
of modules over truncated polynomial rings are considered.



Abderrahim El Moussaouy
M’hammed Ziane


JJMS, 2022, 15(1), 43-54


Some Refinements of Numerical Radius Inequalities for Hilbert Space Operators

The main goal of this paper is to obtain some refinements of numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert space operators.


Ebrahim Alizadeh
Ali Farokhinia



JJMS, 2022, 15(1), 55-63


Hölder's Inequalities for a Class of Analytic Functions Connected with q-confluent Hypergeometric Distribution

In this paper, we introduce new a class of analytic functions connected
with q−confluent hypergeometric distribution. The results on modified Hadamard product, Holder’s inequalities some interesting convolution properties, closure properties under integral transforms, integral means and partial sums, are considered for functions belonging to these classes.


Sheza M. El-Deeb
G. Murugusundaramoorthy



JJMS, 2022, 15(1), 65-88


Prime and Semiprime Rings Involving Multiplicative (Generalized)-Skew Derivations

In this article, we will cover a concept called multiplicative

(generalized) skew derivation on rings, and we will generalize some of the important results in the literature. After, we enrich this paper with examples which show that our used assumptions are essential.



Abdelkarim Boua
Mohammad Ashraf
Ahmed Y. Abdelwanis



JJMS, 2022, 15(1), 89-104



On 3-Dimensional Trans-Sasakian Manifolds Admitting *−Ricci Solitons

The object of the present paper is to characterize 3-dimensional

trans-Sasakian manifolds admitting *-Ricci solitons. First, 3-dimensional trans-Sasakian manifolds admitting *-Ricci solitons satisfying the conditions R(ξ, .) · S, S(ξ, .) ·
R = 0 and Q · R = 0 are studied. Further, 3-dimensional manifolds admitting *-Ricci solitons satisfying certain conditions on the projective curvature tensor are considered and obtained several interesting results. Finally, the existence of *-Ricci solitons in a 3-dimensional trans-Sasakian manifold has been proved by a concrete


Abdul Haseeb
H. Harish
D. G. Prakasha



JJMS, 2022, 15(1), 105-121



Convex Contractions of order n In CAT(0) Spaces

In this paper, we work on convex contraction of order n. Our first
result in general metric spaces shows that each convex contraction of order n is a Bessaga mapping. We then turn our attention to CAT (0) spaces. We prove a demiclosedness principle for such mappings in this setting. Next, we consider modified Mann iteration process and prove some convergence theorems for fixed points of such mappings in CAT (0) spaces. Our results are new in CAT (0) setting.
Our results remain true in linear spaces like Hilbert and Banach spaces. Finally, we give an example in order to support our main results and to demonstrate the efficiency of modified Mann iteration process.



Isa Yildirim
Yücel Tekmanli
Safeer Hussain Khan



JJMS, 2022, 15(1), 123-137



Approximation of Generalized Szász-Mirakjan Operators depending on certain Parameters

Motivated by certain generalizations, in this paper we consider a new
analogue of generalized Szasz-Mirakjan operators whose construction depends on τ, with extra parameters µ and λ. Depending on the selection of µ and λ, these operators are more flexible than the generalized Szasz-Mirakjan operators. We investigate approximation properties. Also, we study local and global approximation, Voronovskaya type theorem. Finally, quantitative estimates for the local approximation are discussed.


Mohd Qasim
M. Mursaleen
Asif Khan
Zaheer Abbas


JJMS, 2022, 15(1), 139-155