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Volume 3, No. 3, December 2010, Muharram 1432 H




New Connections Among Multivalued Functions, Hyperstructures and Fuzzy Sets

One has considered three different hypergroups associated with a multivalued function ¡ : H ! D and one has calculated the corresponding membership functions and the associated join spaces.



Piergiulio Corsini
Bijan Davvaz

JJMS, 2010,3(2)  133 - 150

An Extension of Mulholland's Inequality

By introducing multi-parameters and using the way of weight coefficients and Hadamard’s inequality, a more accurate extension of Mulholland’s inequality and the equivalent form are considered.



Bicheng Yang

JJMS, 2010,3(3)   151 - 157

Characterization of Multiwavelet Packets in L2 (Rd)

Orthogonal multiwavelet packets are based on several scaling functions and several wavelets. They allow properties like regularity, orthogonality and symmetry being impossible in the single wavelet case. In this paper, we establish a complete characterization of multiwavelet packets for arbitrary dilation matrices by means of basic equations in Fourier domain.



Firdous Ahmad Shah
Khalil Ahmad 

JJMS, 2010,3(3)   159 - 180

Decomposition of α − Continuity and gα - Continuity

The main purpose of this paper is to introduce the concepts of CŊ**- sets, CŊ**-sets, CŊ**-continuity and CŊ**-continuity and to obtain decomposition of α-continuity and ˜gα- continuity in topological spaces.  



O. Ravi
G. Ramkumar
& R. Latha

JJMS, 2010,3(3)   181 -192

A Remark on a Result of Al-Omari

This is a note to explain a mathematical correction in the paper entitled The Generalized Stieltjes and Fourier Transforms of Certain Spaces of Generalized Functions, by S. K. Q. Al-Omari in Jordan Journal of Mathematics and Statistics 2 (2) , 2009, 55-66. Complete mathematical derivation is given to explain and justify the correction.



Deshna Loonker

JJMS, 2010,3(3)   193 - 195