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Volume 7, No. 1, March 2014, Jumada Al-Awwal 1435 H




Baer Gamma Rings with Involutions


The concept of involution in -rings is introduced and with the help of involutions, we obtain some characterizations of Baer -rings.


A.C. Paul

Md. Sabur Uddin


JJMS, 2014, 7(1), 1-13

Compactifications and F-Spectral Spaces

If X is T3, it is showed that the Fan-Gottesman compactification of X can be embedded into compactification (X*, k) of X obtaining by a combined approach of nets and open filters. By F-spectral, we mean a topological space X such that the Fan-Gottesman compactification of X is a spectral space. We give necessary and sufficient conditions on X in order to get F-spectral.


Ceren Sultan Elmali

Tamer Ugur

JJMS, 2014, 7(1), 15-28


On Λ-Generalized Closed Sets in Fuzzy Topological Spaces

In this paper, we introduce the concepts of Λ-generalized fuzzy closed sets (briefly, Λgf-closed sets), Λ-gf-closed sets and gf-Λ-closed sets in fuzzy topological spaces. Also we study some properties and characterizations of Λ-generalized fuzzy closed sets.


K. Balasubramaniyan

S. Sriram

O. Ravi

JJMS, 2014, 7(1), 29-46

On ρ-Contraction in G-Metric Space

In this paper, we introduced a new type of a contractive condition defined on G-metric space, namely a ρ-contraction, which generalizes the weak contraction. We also proved some fixed point theorems for such a condition in ordered metric spaces. A supporting example of our results is provided in the last part of our paper as well.

Animesh Gupta

R. N. Yadava


JJMS, 2014, 7(1), 47-61

Semiclassical Pseudodifferential Operators with Operator Symbol

This work is a generalization to the symbol operator case of the classical h-pseudodifferentials operators. We are interested to the properties of composition, symbolic calculus, and the L2-continuity of these operators type.


Abderrahmane Senoussaoui


JJMS, 2014, 7(1), 63-88