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Volume 8, No. 1, March 2015




A Decomposition of Pairwise Continuity

In this paper, we introduce and study the notions of some weaker  forms of Ti-θ-open sets and some stronger forms of (i, j)-t-sets and (i, j)-B-sets in bitopological spaces. Also, we introduce various forms of pairwise continuity and using these we obtain some decompositions of pairwise continuity.


K.M. Arifmohammed



JJMS, 2015, 8(1), 1-20

Common Fixed Point Theorems in Ordered Menger Spaces

The purpose of this paper is to prove common fixed point results for a wide class of contractive mappings in ordered probabilistic metric space. Our results are extensions of the results of Nieto and Rodriguez-Lopez, as well as Ran and Reurings on fixed points of mappings in ordered metric spaces. On the other hand, results of Fang, Mishra, Singh and Jain, as well as Razani and Shirdaryazdi are generalized using partial order and corresponding conditions for the given mappings. Results of several other authors are also partially generalized.


Animesh Gupta

Hemant Kumar Nashine

Zoran Kadelburg

JJMS, 2015, 8(1), 21-41 

Newton and Steffensen Type Methods with Flexible Order of Convergence

New families of Newton and Steffensen type methods are derived by amalgamating known methods. The methods in the new families are of higher order than the methods amalgamated. The technique shows that it is possible to develop methods of any desired order.


Divya Jain

JJMS, 2015, 8(1), 43-57

Total Mean Cordiality of Umbrella, Butterfly and Dumbbell Graphs

A Total Mean Cordial labeling of a graph G = (V,E) is a function f : V (G) →{0. 1. 2} such that for each edge xy assign the label [(f(x)+f(y))/2] where x, y 2 V (G) and |evf (i) -evf (j)| 1, i, j 2 {0. 1. 2} where evf (x) denotes the total number of vertices and edges labeled with x (x = 0, 1, 2). If there exists a total mean cordial labeling on a graph G, we will call G is Total Mean Cordial. In this paper, we investigate the Total Mean Cordial labeling behavior of fan, umbrella, dumbbell, and buttery graphs.

R. Ponraj

S. Sathish Narayanan

A. M. S. Ramasamy

JJMS, 2015, 8(1), 59-77

On Sequence Spaces Equations of The Form Et + Fx = Fb for Some Triangle T

Given any sequence a=(an)n≥1 of positive real numbers and any set E of complex sequences, we write Ea for the set of all sequences y=(yn)n≥1 such that y/a = (yn/an)n≥12E; in particular, s(c)a denotes the set of all sequences y such that y/a converges.


Bruno De Malafosse

JJMS, 2015, 8(1), 79-105