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Volume 8, No. 3, September 2015




Characterizations of Some New Classes of Fuzzy Sets in Generalized Fuzzy Topology

In the present paper we introduce the concepts of maximal μf-open sets, minimal μf-closed sets, local minimal μf-open sets etc. in a generalized fuzzy topological space. We study their fundamental properties and discuss relations  among these different μf-open like sets.


D. Mandal

Sumita Das (Basu)

M. N. Mukherjee


JJMS, 2015, 8(3),195-207

Recurrence Relations for Moments and Moment Generating Functions from the Extended Type I Generalized Logistic Distribution Based on K − Th Lower Record Values

In this study we give explicit expressions and some recurrence relations for marginal and joint moment generating functions of k-th lower record values from extended type I generalized logistic distribution. Further a characterization of this distribution by considering recurrence relations for marginal moment generating functions of the k-th lower record values is presented.


Devendra Kumar


JJMS, 2015, 8(3),209-222

The Norm of Certain Matrix Operators on New Difference Sequence Spaces

The purpose of the present study is to introduce the sequence space

 lp(,E) = { x = (xn) n=1 : n=1 |xminEn - xminEn+1| p < ∞}.

where E = (En) is a partition of nite subsets of the positive integers and p 1. The topological properties and inclusion relations of this space are studied. Moreover, the problem of finding the norm of certain matrix operators such as Copson and Hilbert from lp into lp (,E) is investigated.


H. Roopaei

Davoud Foroutannia


JJMS, 2015, 8(3),223-237

Some Results on A Cone Rectangular Metric Space

The notion of cone rectangular metric spaces was introduced by A. Azam, M. Arshad and I. Beg in [1] (Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics, 2009). The object of this paper is to prove some common fixed point result for two weakly compatible self maps satisfying a generalized contractive condition in a cone rectangular metric space. Our result generalizes the said result of [1]. All the results presented in this paper are new.


Shishir Jain

Shobha Jain

JJMS, 2015, 8(3),239-255

Forecasting the Tea Production of Bangladesh: Application of ARIMA Model

Bangladesh is the world’s 10th largest tea producer and fifteen number exporters and sixteen number consumers in the world. The consumption is increasing day by day mainly due to the rapid increase in population. The main purpose of this research is to identify the Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) model that could be used to forecast the production of tea in Bangladesh. This study considered the published secondary data of yearly tea production in Bangladesh over the period 1972 to 2013. According to AIC, AICC and BIC, the most suitable model to forecast the tea productions in Bangladesh is ARIMA (0,2,1). Adequacy of the fitted model has been tested using Run test and Jarque and Bera test criteria followed by residual analysis. The comparison between the original series and forecasted series shows the same manner indicating the fitted model behaved statistically well and suitable to forecast the Tea productions in Bangladesh i.e., the models forecast well during and beyond the estimation period.


Md. Moyazzem Hossain Faruq Abdulla




JJMS, 2015, 8(3),257-270