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Volume 9, No. 2, June 2016




A Generalization of Slant Toeplitz Operators

We ask about the solutions of the equation λMzX = XMz2, for general complex number λ, which are referred as λ-slant Toeplitz operators. We completely solve this equation and discuss some algebraic as well as spectral properties of  λ-slant Toeplitz operators. The compactness of the compression of  λ-slant Toeplitz operators is also addressed.



Gopal Datt

Ritu Aggarwal


JJMS, 2016, 9(2),73-92

Hopf Bifurcation Analysis in a System for Cancer Virotherapy with Effect of the Immune System


We consider a system of differential equations which is motivated biologically and simulates a cancer virotherapy. The existence of equilibrium points and their local stability are studied using the characteristic equation. We investigate Hopf bifurcation around the interior equilibrium point.


Akram Ashyani

H. Mohammadinejad

Omid Rabieimotlagh

JJMS, 2016, 9(2),93-115

Further Results on the Uniqueness of Meromorphic Functions and their Derivative Counterpart Sharing One or Two Sets

In this paper we prove a number of results concerning uniqueness of a meromorphic function as well as its derivative sharing one or two sets. In particular, we deal with the specific question raised in [18], [19], [20] and ultimately improve the result of Banerjee - Bhattacharjee [4].


Abhijit Banerjee

Bikash Chakraborty

JJMS, 2016, 9(2),117-139

Soft Group Based on Soft Element


Using the notion of soft element [13], in this paper, we de ne a binary operation on the set of all nonempty soft elements of a given soft set to introduce soft groupoid. Then we give the definition of soft group based on soft elements and establish necessary and sufficient conditions for a soft set to be a soft group. Also we compare some properties like commutative property, cyclic property of soft group with those of given parameter set and initial universe set.


Jayanta Ghosh

Dhananjoy Mandal

T. K. Samanta


JJMS, 2016, 9(2),141-159

Neighborhood of a Class of Analytic Functions with Negative Coefficients Defined by the Generalized Ruschewey Derivatives Involving a General Fractional Derivative Operator



By making use of the familiar concept of neighborhoods of analytic functions, we prove several inclusion relations associated with the (n, δ) - neighborhoods of various subclasses of starlike and convex functions of complex order defined by the generalized Ruscheweyh derivative involving a general fractional derivative operator. Special cases of some of these inclusion relations are shown to yield known results.


Hazha Zirar



JJMS, 2016, 9(2), 161-172