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Latest Issue

Volume 17, No. 1, March 2024

Haar Wavelet Collocation Method for Telegraph Equations with Different Boundary Conditions

In this article, we study the Haar wavelet operational matrix approach for finding the numerical solutions of hyperbolic telegraph equations under suitable initial and boundary conditions. It has been approximated in both space and time using the Haar wavelets series with unknown coefficients. The advantage of the method is that it reduces the original problems to a set of algebraic equations that can be solved using standard methods. The precision and efficacy of the numerical method are shown via numerical examples. It has been shown experimentally that the approach is straightforward, precise, when compared to some of the current numerical methods.


Shahid Ahmed
Shah Jahan
K. S. Nisar



JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 1-21

This article studies how to figure out important parameters in the HIV/AIDS model using sensitivity analysis. The parameters that arise in the basic-reproduction number (R0) are calculated to get the sensitivity index. We get two significant parameters, Ω and β2, the recruitment rate of uneducated subpopulation and transmission rate from uneducated individual to infected individual taking ARV, respectively. These parameters give a higher contribution to the transmission of HIV. Furthermore, we conduct the problem of optimal control on the mathematical model of the spread of HIV/AIDS to minimize HIV-infected individuals. We propose two controls, public education and ARV treatment. We establish the existence of an optimal control pair. The Pontryagin minimum principle is used to obtain the best conditions to control the disease transmission. Numerical simulations were conducted to get the results of the analysis. The results show that a combination of public education and ARV treatment helps to control the spread of HIV disease and to get the minimum cost related to the realization of controls.


Ummu Habibah
Muhammad A. Rois


JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 23-43

QMLE of the General Periodic GARCH Models

In this article, we study the necessary and sufficient conditions that guarantee the strict stationarity of general periodic generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity models (in the periodic sense). We also obtain conditions for the existence of finite higher-order moments under general and tractable assumptions. We propose the quasi-maximum likelihood estimation of general periodic generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity parameters and derive their asymptotic properties. We demonstrate the strong consistency and asymptotic normality of the quasi-maximum likelihood estimation in special cases.


Ahmed Ghezal
Imane Zemmouri


JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 45-64

On Multi-Hyperrings

In this paper, we introduce multi-hyperrings and obtain several related results. Also, we study the concept of sub-multi-hyperring and different operations on multi-hyperrings such that intersection, union, direct product, and homomorphism, and investigate their main properties.


A. Fayazi
T. Nozari
R. Ameri
M. Norouzi


JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 65-83

Gyrotransversals of order p 3

In this paper, we compute the isomorphism classes of gyrotransversals of order p3 corresponding to a fixed subgroup of order p in the group Zp⋉Zp3 , where p is an odd prime. This yields a lower bound for the number of right gyrogroups of order p3 upto isomorphism. In addition, we obtain a lower bound for the non-isomorphic right gyrogroups of order p3 of nilpotency class 2.



Ramjash Gurjar
Ratan Lal
Vipul Kakkar


JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 85-97

On Higher order Homoderivations in Semi-Prime Rings

Considering R as an associative ring, a map h which is additive on R with the property h(zw) = h(z)h(w) + h(z)w + zh(w) valid for every z, w ϵ R is called a homoderivation on R. In this paper our purpose is to demonstrate results about this kind of mappings on rings. The link between n-Jordan homoderivations that are mappings...........................


Said Belkadi
Lahcen Taoufiq


JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 99-112

Fractional Multiplicative Ostrowski-Type Inequalities for Multiplicative Differentiable Convex Functions

In this manuscript, we propose a new fractional identity for multiplicative differentiable functions, based on this identity we prove some fractional Ostrowski-type inequalities for multiplicative convex functions. Some applications of the obtained results are given.


Badreddine Meftah
Hamid Boulares
Aziz Khan
Thabet Abdeljawad



JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 113-128

On Tades of Transformed Tree and Path Related Graphs

Given a graph G. Consider a total labeling ξ : V ⋉ E → {1, 2, . . . , k}. Let e = xy and f = uv be any two different edges of G. Let wt(e)⋉wt(f) where wt(e) = |ξ(e)−ξ(x)−ξ(y)|. Then ξ is said to be edge irregular total absolute difference k-labeling of G. Then the total absolute difference edge irregularity strength of G, tades (G), is the least number k such that there is an edge irregular total absolute difference k-labeling for G. Here, we study the tades (G) of Tp-tree and path related graphs.


A. Lourdusamy
F. Joy Beaula



JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 129-143

Ring endomorphisms satisfying Z-symmetric property

The notion of α-skew Z-symmetric rings is introduced as a generalization of Z-symmetric rings. We prove that the notions of α-skew Z-symmetric rings and Z-symmetric rings are independent, and we give some sufficient conditions over which these notions are equivalent. We investigate some basic properties of α-skew Z-symmetric rings and give a characterization of them. Moreover, we provide some characterizations of α-skew Z-symmetric rings utilizing the Dorroh extension, triangular matrix ring etc. Finally, we generalize some results of Z-symmetric rings to α-skew Z-symmetric rings.


Avanish Kumar Chaturvedi
Nirbhay Kumar


JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 145-159



Generalization of Ostrowski’s Type Inequality Via Riemann-Liouville Fractional Integral and Applications in Numerical Integration, Probability Theory and Special Means

We apply Riemann-Liouville fractional integral to get a new generalization of Ostrowski’s type integral inequality. We may prove new estimates for the remainder term of the midpoint’s, trapezoid’s, & Simpson’s formulae as a result of the generalization. Our estimates are generalized and recaptured some previously obtained estimates. Applications are also deduced for numerical integration, probability theory and special means.


Faraz Mehmood
Akhmadjon Soleev



JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 161-178


B-spline Estimate of the Regression Function under General Censorship Model

In a continuity reasoning of the different estimators proposed by de Kebabi et al. [21] and recently Douas et al. [11] and Laroussi [26]. The construction of the regression function estimator is based on three axes. The first one is the application of the non-parametric estimate, namely, the least-squares technique. The second axis represents the general censorship which combines all the existing types of censorship. Hence, empirical L2-error estimates are constructed over data-dependent spaces of B-spline functions. The almost sure convergence of the proposed estimator is studied. Essentially, two models subject to twice or right censorship are assessed and this phenomena of censorship identified by the simulation shows the interest of this estimator.


Ilhem Laroussi


JJMS, 2024, 17(1), 179-197