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Computation of Cross-Section by Effects of Theoretical Parameters Code for Production of 52Mn Radioisotope
The Disformal Transformation of the Einstein-Hilbert Action
Modeling and Simulation of Current Voltage Characteristics for Cylindrical CNTFET Transistor
Development of a Path Loss Model for Radio Wave Signals for some Selected Routes in Enugu State, Nigeria
Fe–Mo/Kaolin Catalyst Optimization and Characterization for the Production of Carbon Nanotube Using the Wet Impregnated Method
Program for Calculating the Axial Magnetic Field Distribution of Magnetic Lenses Using Finite Element Method
Investigation on magnetic-optical properties of palladium transition metals alloys compounds, DFT calculation
Voigt fitting is of special interest for applied spectroscopic analysis of BLSF Ceramics
Transition Probabilities, Oscillator Strengths and Line Strengths Result From Radiative Transitions
An Approximate Solution to the Transcendental Equation Problem of the Finite Square Well Potential in Quantum Mechanics
Vol16No5 /2023  
Effects of Diameter between Electrodes on Properties of Electrostatic Quadrupole Deflector
Toward an Understanding of the Anisotropy in Hcp Zinc Metal: Total Scattering Structural Study Using Synchrotron-Based, Temperature-Dependent, X-Ray Pair Distribution Function Analysis
Geant4 Simulation of Scatter Radiation Removal: Comparison and Validation of Anti-scatter Grid and Air Gap for X-ray Mammography
Thermodynamic Analysis of Al-Ni, Al-Cu Alloys System Using Calphad Method 
Beam Dynamics Studies for a Proposed H – type DTL Using in Eye Therapy
Influence of Ar:O2 mixing ratio on characteristics of TiO2 nanostructured thin films deposited by DC reactive magnetron sputtering method
Secondary Phases, Morphology and Band Tails of Third Generation Photovoltaic Absorber Layer CZTS Annealed at Different Temperatures
The principle of operation of an engine that draws energy from the electrogravitational vacuum
Performance Evaluation of Chaotic Semiconductor Laser for Secure Optical Communication
Hartree-Fock calculations of 12C Nucleus at Equilibrium and under Static Compression
Visualization of Mercury's Orbital Path Around the Sun Using Matlab for Astrophysics Distance Learning
Temperature Dependent Behavior of Elastic and Ultrasonic Proprieties of Transition Metal Carbide Mo2C Superconductor
Vol17No1 /2024 N/A
Silver Prism Interface Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) For Biosensor In UV-Visible Spectrum Region
Spectroscopic Measurement of the Temperature of Electrons in a Direct Current Argon Plasma
Study the optical properties of unsaturated polyester reinforcement by different weight fractions of glass fibers
A Simulated 45 nm MOSFET Channel  Process In Transimpedance Amplifier Design For Optoelectronics Applications
Calculation of the Energy Levels for a Quantum Dot Coupled to a Fixed Spin Impurity
Field Electron Emission from a Tungsten Cathode Coated with Silica
Field Electron Emission from Molybdenum Tips Preparation and Characterization
Fabrication and Performance Testing of Composite Molybdenum- "Resinpal 2301" Field Emission Emitters
Annual Effective Dose Equivalent and Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk from Measured Indoor Background Ionizing Radiation in Pharmacy, Radiotherapy/Oncology and Radiology Departments of Federal Teaching Hospital, Gombe, Gombe State. Nigeria


Vol17No2 /2024 N/A
Time Dependent Spectral Ratio Technique for micro-seismic exploration in the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria
A Study of the Abundance of Aluminium in Massive Stars
The Bound Band Structure in a Strong Attractive Dirac Comb
Some phenomenological aspect of Higgs production in two leptons and  bb' final state processes
Surface texturing of silicon wafers by two-step Ag-assisted etching process with new NSR solution
Structural and Luminescent Characteristics of Divalent Europium Activated Barium Aluminate with the Tridymite Structure Synthesized by the Sol-Gel Technique
Influence of Applied Discharge Voltage and Gas Flow Rate on Nickel Plasma Jet Parameters Diagnosed by Optical Emission Spectroscopic Technique
First-principles study on structural and electronic properties: The Li based of full-Hesulter alloys LiGa2Ir
Indicators of Radioactive Contamination by Radionuclides for Samples of Plant Fertilizers and Pesticides
An Investigation into Properties for  156 66 Dy Isotope Using IBM1 and IVBM Model
Dose measurement and cancer risk from natural radioactivity in cleaning powders at Kurdistan markets, Iraq
Radon Gas Detection of Soil Samples in Primary Schools at Najaf city, Iraq
Vol17No3 /2024 N/A
Tomotherapy Hi-Art Machine Matching: Verification and Quality Assurance
Level and potential Radon (222Rn) Radiation risk on groundwater samples at Jimba-Oja, Northcentral Nigeria
Solution of the Woods -Saxon potential and its application for study of thermodynamic properties
The Many World Interpretation versus the Copenhagen Interpretation: A Case Discussion with the Hydrogen Atom
Calculation the low orbits and more stable for a satellite around Mars
Spatial Variations of Particulate Matter in Mid-West Jordan
Investigation of electrochemically modulated fluorescent cresyl violet molecules for biosensing application using an Electrochemical Surface Plasmon Resonance
Investigation Study on the Zn Doping Effect on the Structural and Morphological Characteristics of Fe2O3 Thin Films for Future Gas Sensor Applications
Structural, optical and electrical properties of undoped and Zn doped CaSnO3 nanoparticles synthesized by the co-precipitation method
Effect of Strain rate and Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Silicon Nanowire: MD Simulation Studies
Two–Dimensional Electron-Hole GaAs System in Static Fluctuations Approximation
Simulated Transimpedance Amplifier Performance Analysis Through Channel Length Modification For Fiber Optics Applications
Vol17No4 /2024 N/A
A proper quantization rule for solving the Klein-Gordon equation with equal and unequal scalar and vector interaction potentials 
Development of a Highly Sensitive Biosensor for Accurate Assessment of Radon Levels in Blood Samples
Radioclimatic Variable Characterisation for Tropical Microwave Link Applications
Structural, Optical, Elemental and Thermal Characteristics for Grown Pure and Magnesium Sulphate Doped Thiourea Crystals
Molybdenum with MOX nuclear fFuel to be used for the Second Load of  Generation IV ALLEGRO Nuclear Reactor using the Monte Carlo Method
Calculating Resistance in an Infinite Triangular Lattice Network 
Epoxy composites for the use in radiation protection applications: A comparison between BaSO4, and ZnO nano-composites and micro-composites
Heavy mesons and diatomic molecules with improved Eckart--Hellmann potential model in a deformation space-space background: New bound states and the effect on thermodynamic properties
Ultraviolet Transmittance of Daily and Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses with UV Filters and Compliances with American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Classification
Effect of reaction time on structure, morphology and optical energy gap of TiO2 nanorods prepared by one-step hydrothermal method
Ionization Cross Section in Li2+ + H Collision
Enhanced Room Temperature Ammonia Gas Sensing Response of Dc Magnetron Sputtered Vanadium Oxide Thin Films
Vol17No5 /2024 N/A
Synthesis and Characterization of ZrTiO4 Nanocomposites for Bioceramic Applications
Study of Element, Functional Groups and UV Characteristics of Trapped Dust in the Filters of Air Condition for the Purpose of Air Quality Awareness
Dielectric Properties ZnFe2O4 Nanofiller on the Commercial Epoxy Composites
Negative ion formation in H + H collisions at low- to high-energies
Vol18No1 /2025 N/A