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Calculation of Excess Stability Functions of Four Binary Alloys Vol14No3 /2021
Fundamental and Harmonic Self Mode-locking in Mid IR Heavily Doped Fiber Lasers Vol14No3 /2021
Passively Q - Switched Linear Cavity IR Fibre Laser via Nonlinear Polarization Rotation Vol14No3 /2021
Investigate the Effect Nitro Groups on the Electronic Properties of Phenanthrene Compound Vol14No3 /2021
Pressure and Temperature Effects on the Magnetic Properties of Donor Impurities in a Gaas/Algaas Quantum Heterostructure Subjected To a Magnetic Field Vol14No3 /2021
Second Virial Coefficient of Low-dense Lithium-7 (7Li) Gas in the Temperature-Range 1 K-40000 K and Beyond Vol14No3 /2021
Optical and Electrical Analyses of Thallium Sulphide Thin Films Vol14No3 /2021
Effect of Sr - Transition Metal Substitution on Electronic and Mechanical Properties of Mg2Si: A DFT Study Vol14No3 /2021
Assessment of Natural Radioactivity in Some Soil Samples of Kutha District of Babylon Governorate, Iraq Vol14No3 /2021
Mid IR Holmium, Praseodymium - Doped Fluoride Fiber Laser Pulse Operation Vol14No4 /2021
Structural and magnetic properties of M-type hexaferrites prepared from scrap iron filings Vol14No4 /2021
Solution of the Hamilton – Jacobi Equation in a Central Potential using Separation of Variables Method - Staeckel Boundary Conditions Vol14No4 /2021
The Alpha Particles Doses Received by Students and Staff in 20 Schools in the North of Hebron Region - Palestine Vol14No4 /2021
Single mode optical fiber: an investigation for the bending loss at wavelength 650 nm Vol14No4 /2021
Applying in-situ and laboratory based gamma spectrometry to determine activity concentration and distribution of 40K, 226Ra and 232Th in Abeokuta, Southwest Nigeria Vol14No4 /2021
Measurement of the Electric Quadrupole Moment of 6Li and 7Li in Shell Model and Cluster Model Vol14No4 /2021
Non-Relativistic Study of Varshni Potential to the Quark-Antiquark System Vol14No4 /2021
Influence of Solvents on Properties of ZnS Thin Films Synthesized by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Technique Vol14No4 /2021
Retrieval of Optical Constants of Undoped Flash-Evaporated Lead Iodide Films from an Analysis of Their Normal Incidence Transmission Spectra Using Swanepoel’s Transmission Envelope Theory of Non-Uniform Films Vol14No4 /2021
Structural and Optical Properties of Pure Nio Nanoparticles and Nio-Mn2o3 , Nio-Cdo, Nio-Pb2o3 , Nio-Zno Nanocomposites Vol15No1 /2022
Structural And Surface Characteristics Of Cuo And Pt/Cuo Nanostructured Thinfilms Vol15No1 /2022
Albumen Assisted Synthesis Of Nanocrystalline Nickel Ferrite Photocatalyst Vol15No1 /2022
Synthesis and Characterization of Cu0.5Zn0.5WO4 nanoparticles and their opto-structural properties Vol15No1 /2022
Albumen mediated green synthesis of ZnFe2O4 Nanoparticles and their Physico-Chemical Properties Vol15No1 /2022
Effect of ZrO2 Nanofiller on the Physical Properties of Epoxy Composites: Mechanical, Thermal and Dielectric Vol15No1 /2022
palladium (pd) sensitized sno2 embedded polyaniline nanofibers for effective hydrogen gas sensing Vol15No2 /2022 N/A
Solvent Extraction and Separation of Silver(I) in Real Sample Using Hexaacetato Calix[6]arene Vol15No2 /2022 N/A
Optical, P-XRD&U-V properties by varies concentration of L-valine amino acid on pure KDP Vol15No2 /2022 N/A
Study of Acoustic Behaviour of Thiamin Hydrochloride with Methanol at 303K Vol15No2 /2022 N/A
Optical, Structural and Electrical Properties of CuS Thin Film on Dielectric Subtract by Spray Pyrolysis Technique Vol15No2 /2022 N/A
Review on morphological, dielectric and magnetic behavior of divalent cation substituted nanocrystalline cobalt ferrite Vol15No2 /2022 N/A
Ab-initio and Monte Carlo simulations of the New Half Heusler Alloy NiCrGa Vol15No3 /2022 N/A
Calculating the Distance of the Planetary Objects by Appearance Vol15No3 /2022 N/A
Enhancement of Secondary Gamma Radiation Flux Energies in the Energy region 1400 keV to 1500 keV during Lunar Eclipse on June 16, 2011 at Udaipur, India Vol15No3 /2022 N/A
Eigensolution and expectation values of the Hulthen and Generalized Inverse Quadratic Yukawa Potential Vol15No3 /2022 N/A
BALQARAD Geant4 Model: Enhancement in γ-ray Spectroscopy and Validation Vol15No3 /2022 N/A
X–wave propagation characteristics in a collisional, inhomogeneous plasma slab Vol15No3 /2022 N/A
Transit of the Sun across Constellations Libra, Virgo and Variation of Secondary Gamma Radiation Flux in Month November, 2018 and September, 2019 respectively at Udaipur, India Vol15No3 /2022 N/A
Decrement of Secondary Gamma Radiation Flux during Solar Eclipses January 4, 2011 and December 26, 2019 at Udaipur, India Vol15No3 /2022 N/A
Raman Spectroscopy Investigation on Semi-curve Graphene Woven Fabric-graphene Synthesized by the Chemical Vapor Deposition Process Vol15No3 /2022 N/A
Non-Relativistic Treatment of the Schrödinger equation with Varshni-Hellmann Potential Model Vol15No3 /2022 N/A
Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability of Cylindrical Geometry for Micro-Dimensional Range of Wavelengths Vol15No4 /2022 N/A
Mapping and Delineation of Hard Rock Aquifers in Parts of the South-Western Nigeria Basement Complex using Integrated Geophysical Techniques: A Case Study of Eruwa, Ibarapa East LGA, Oyo State, Nigeria Vol15No4 /2022 N/A
Assessments of Radioactivity Levels in Soil of Koya District in Kurdistan Region-Iraq Using High-Purity Germanium Detector Vol15No4 /2022 N/A
I-V Characteristics Modeling of the Carbon Nanotubes Field Effect Transistor CNTFET Vol15No4 /2022 N/A
Electrical Power Improvement of Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Solar System Vol15No4 /2022 N/A
Aspects Influencing Computer Technology Adoption in Secondary School Physics Instruction in Jordan Vol15No4 /2022 N/A
The Casimir Energy for Lorentz-Violating Scalar Field in Sphere Vol15No4 /2022 N/A
Piezoelectric Contributions to Parametric Amplification of Acoustical Phonons in Magnetized Doped III-V Semiconductors Vol15No4 /2022 N/A
Molecular Ordering and Nematic Character of Nonyloxy Benzoic Acid: Solvent and Thermodynamic Potentials Effect Vol15No4 /2022 N/A
Enhancement of the Solar-Thermal Response of Flat-Plate Collector Coated with a Thermal-Resistant Paint Vol15No4 /2022 N/A
Comparing the Dielectric Properties of Papaya Oil with Mineral Insulating Liquid under Temperature Variation Vol16No1 /2023 N/A
Natural Radioactivity Levels in Healthy and Ground Water Samples of Al-Manathera Regions of Al-Najaf, Iraq Vol16No1 /2023 N/A
Structural and Dielectric Investigations on Pure and Doped Triglycine Sulfate (TGS) Crystals Vol16No1 /2023 N/A
Improved Structural Bonding, Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Polymethymethacrylate (PMMA) Thin Film Induced by Chloroform Solvent Casting Vol16No1 /2023 N/A
Assessment of Naturally Occurring Radionuclide with Depths in the Soils of Selected Dumpsites, Ogun State, Southwestern Nigeria Vol16No1 /2023 N/A
Variation of secondary gamma radiation flux during closest approach of Mars towards Earth, Mars at opposition and transit of Moon across different constellations, planets in month of October, 2020 at Udaipur, India Vol16No1 /2023 N/A
Shielding Properties of Glass Samples Containing Li2O, K2O, Na2O, PbO and B2O3 by Geant4, XCOM and Experimental Data Vol16No1 /2023 N/A
Dynamic Stability of Al-Glass/Ceramic Composites Vol16No1 /2023 N/A
The Applicability of Ultra Generalized Exponential–Hyperbolic Potential to Predict the Mass-Spectra of the Heavy Mesons through the solutions of the N-dimentional Klein-Gordon equation Vol16No1 /2023 N/A
Low-Energy Gamma Unfolding Using NaI(Tl) Geant4 Detector Model andGRAVEL Code Vol16No1 /2023 N/A
The existence of a universal frame of reference, in which light propagates, is still an unresolved problem of physics Vol16No2 /2023 N/A
Study of the high rotational bands of moderately heavy nuclei Vol16No2 /2023 N/A
Vacuum and Solvent Dynamics of a Cyanobiphenyl Molecule: Mesophase Estimation from Thermodynamic View Vol16No2 /2023 N/A