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Calculation of Excess Stability Functions of Four Binary Alloys

O. W. Abodunrin and A. A Ajayi

 Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Afe Babalola University, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Corresponding Author: O. W. Abodunrin        Email: tayoabodunrin@yahoo.com

Doi: https://doi.org/10.47011/14.3.1

Cited by : Jordan J. Phys., 14 (3) (2021) 193-200


Received on: 27/01/2020;                                                     Accepted on: 29/9/2020

Abstract: The thermodynamic model based on cluster of two atoms is considered with the view to obtaining Scc(0) and the excess stability function of Scc(0). Concentration-concentration fluctuation; Scc(0) of four binary molten alloys was calculated. The thermodynamic properties of these alloys are evaluated based on cluster of two atoms (A & B) or (B & A). Each system has the view of obtaining concentration-concentration fluctuation; Scc(0) enumerating the low-order atomic correlation in the nearest neighbour shell of liquid binary alloys.The highlights of excess stability functions(ES) of Scc(0) of these alloys were reported. The values of Scc(0) for all these alloys are higher than the ideal solution values. The values of Scc(0) for Bi-Cd alloy is close to the ideal Scc (0). The indication of the excess stability of Scc(0) for some alloys is in support of homocoordination. The Scc(0) and excess stability function of Scc (0) for the four alloys are presented.

Keywords: Concentration-concentration fluctuation, Excess stability function, Ordering energy.



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