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Volume 13, No. 1, April 2020, Ramadan 1441 H

Doi: 10.47011/13.1


Structural and Magnetic Properties of (Mg, Co)2W  Hexaferrites

S. H. Mahmood, Q. Al Sheyab, I. Bsoul, Y. Maswadeh, Q.I. Mohaidat and A. Awadallah

Chemical Characterization of Harmattan Dust across Oyo and Minna, Nigeria

O. A. Falaiye and F. O. Aweda

Physical Properties of RhCrZ (Z= Si, Ge, P, As) Half-Heusler Compounds: A First-Principles Study

B. Amrani, A. Chahed, M. Rahmoune, K. Benkaddour and A. Sayede

Dark Matter: Could It Be Vacuum Viscosity?

M. B. Altaie, N. R. Suleiman and N. M. Ershaidat

Solution of the Hamilton Jacobi Equations in an Electromagnetic Field Using Separation of Variables Method Staeckel Boundary Conditions

B. M. Al-Khamiseh, R. S. Hijjawi and J. M. Khalifeh

Reformulation of Degasperis-Procesi Field by Functional Derivatives


Y. M. Alawaideh, R. S. Hijjawi and J. M. Khalifeh

Assessment of Natural Radionuclides in Local and Imported Cements in Erbil Governorate, Kurdistan Region- Iraq

Ali H. Ahmed, Adeeb O. Jafir and Hallo M. Abdullah

Thermoelectric Properties of ALiF3 (A= Ca, Sr and Ba): First-Principles Calculation

Nada T. Mahmoud, Ahmad A. Mousa and J. M. Khalifeh


 Technical Note

High Efficiency of Solar Cell Model Based on Two Types of Nanoparticles

kholoud Kh. Abushaar, Mohammed M. Shabat, Dena M. El-Amassi and Daniel M. Schaadt