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Volume 13, No. 3, December 2020, Jumada 1 1442 H

Doi: 10.47011/13.3


Critical Behavior of Electrical Conductivity for Reduced Graphene Oxide/Epoxy Resin Composites

Y. Nioua, S. El Bouazzaoui, B. M. G. Melo, P. R. Prezas, M. E. Achour, M. P. F. Graça,           L. C. Costa, A. Fattoum and M. E. Touhami

Analysis of the Various Effects of Coating W Tips with Dielectric Epoxylite 478 Resin or UPR-4 Resin Coatings under Similar Operational Conditions

A. Al Soud, A. Knápek and M. S. Mousa

Electrical Properties in Large Frequency and Temperature Ranges of Sr0.6Ca0.4TiO3 Ceramics

H. Ait Laasri, A. Tachafine, D. Fasquelle, N. Tentillier, M. Elaatmani, L. C. Costa and            J. -C. Carru

Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of BaFe12O19 Hexaferrite Nanoparticles: Effect of Cobalt Addition and Calcination Temperature

H. Shehabi, M. Rekaby, R. Sayed Hassan and R. Awad

Dielectric Properties of Y3Fe5O12 (YIG) Prepared at Different Molarities of NaOH

B. Assi, Z. Bitar, W. Malaeb and R. Awad

Effect of the Polyamide Type on the Physical Properties of Layered Polyaniline Composite Films

D. Mezdour and M. Tabellout

Graphene and Related 2D Materials for Desalination: A Review of Recent Patents

M.W. Aqra and A.A. Ramanathan

Probability Distribution of Magnetic Field Strengths through the Cyclotron Lines in High-Mass X-ray Binaries

A. Taani, A. Abushattal, A. Khasawneh, N. Almusleh and M. Al-Wardat

Composite Metallic Nano Emitters Coated with a Layer of Insulator Covered by Au Layer

A. Al Soud, R. N. Al Buqain and M. S. Mousa