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Volume 14, No. 3, September 2021, Safar 1443 H

Doi: 10.47011/14.3


Calculation of Excess Stability Functions of Four Binary Alloys

O. W. Abodunrin and A. A Ajayi

Fundamental and Harmonic Self Mode-locking in Mid IR Heavily Doped Fiber Lasers

Fadi Z. Qamar

Passively Q - Switched Linear Cavity IR Fibre Laser via Nonlinear Polarization Rotation

Fadi Z. Qamar

Investigating the Effect of Nitro Groups on the Electronic Properties of Phenanthrene Compound

Haider O. Essa and Satha M. Abbas

Pressure and Temperature Effects on the Magnetic Properties of Donor Impurities in a GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Heterostructure Subjected to a Magnetic Field

Samah F. Abu Zaid, Ayham Shaer, Eshtiaq Hjaz, Mahmoud Ali and Mohammad K. Elsaid

Second Virial Coefficient of Low-density Lithium-7 (7Li) Gas in the Temperature Range 1 K-40000 K and Beyond

Mustafa M. Hawamdeh

Optical and Electrical Analyses of Thallium Sulphide Thin Films

Q. A. Adeniji, Kola Odunaike, D. A. Leshi, A. T. Talabi, A. T. Adeleke, A. O. Abe, R. E. Momoh and F. B. Musah

Effect of Sr - Transition Metal Substitution on Electronic and Mechanical Properties of Mg2Si: A DFT Study

A. S. Olayinka, O. E. Odeyemi and T. C. Olayinka

Assessment of Natural Radioactivity in Some Soil Samples from Kutha District in Babylon Governorate, Iraq

Mohanad H. Oleiwi