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Volume 15, No. 2, June 2022, Dhū al-Qa‘dah 1443 H

Doi: 10.47011/15.2


Estimating Fundamental Parameters of Celestial Objects Using Some Observational Parameters

Mandapati Bhavani Prasad, G. C. Vishnu Kumar and Dilip A. Shah

Eigensolution and Expectation Values of the Hulthen and Generalized Inverse Quadratic Yukawa Potential

Peter O. Okoi, Collins O. Edet, Thomas O. Magu  and  Etido P. Inyang

BALQARAD Geant4 Model: Enhancement in γ-ray Spectroscopy and Validation

E. Ababneh, S. Al-Amarat, S. Okoor , M. M. Imran and S. Dababneh

X-Wave Propagation Characteristics in a Collisional, Inhomogeneous Plasma Slab

Manal M. Al-Ali

Raman Spectroscopy Investigation on Semi-curve Woven Fabric-graphene Synthesized by the Chemical Vapor Deposition Process

Krishna Bahadur Rai  and  Ram Phul Yadav

Solutions of the Non-relativistic Equation Interacting with the Varshni-Hellmann Potential Model with Some Selected Diatomic Molecules

Eddy S. William, Etido P. Inyang, Joseph E. Ntibi, Joseph A. Obu and Ephraim P. Inyang

Transit of the Sun across Constellations Libra, Virgo and Variation of Secondary Gamma Radiation Flux in the Months of November 2018 and September 2019, Respectively at Udaipur, India

Devendra Pareek and Pallavi Sengar

Decrement of Secondary Gamma Radiation Flux during Solar Eclipses on January 4, 2011 and December 26, 2019 at Udaipur, India

Devendra Pareek   and   Pallavi Sengar

DNA Reduction of Waterborne E.coli by Underwater Capillary Discharge

Muhammad Waqar Ahmed, Irfan Qasim, Saiqa Riaz, Najeeb ur-Rehman and Habib Bukhari