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Volume 15, No. 3, August 2022, Safar 1444 H

Doi: 10.47011/15.3


Aspects Influencing Computer-technology Adoption in Secondary- school Physics Instruction in Jordan

Salah M. Jaradat, Marwan S. Mousa, Donald Dunn and Casey Reason

Piezoelectric Contributions to Parametric Amplification of Acoustical Phonons in Magnetized n-InSb Crystal

Mahender Singh and Manjeet Singh

Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability of Cylindrical Geometry for Micro-dimensional Range of Wavelengths

V. D. Sarychev, S. A. Nevskii, М. А. Kuznetsov, S. А. Solodsky, D. P. Il'yashchenko and E. V. Verkhoturova

Mapping and Delineation of Hard Rock Aquifers in Parts of the South-western Nigeria Basement Complex Using Integrated Geophysical Techniques

A. A. Fatoyinbo, T. O. Lawal, A. H. Yussuf and O. Fawale

Assessment of Radioactivity Levels in Soil of Koya District in Kurdistan Region-Iraq Using High-purity Germanium Detector

Dashty A. Babakr, Saddon T. Ahmad and Akram H. Taha

I-V Characteristics Modeling of the Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET)

Siham Kattar and SaadEddine Khemissi

Electrical Power Improvement of Grid-tied Photovoltaic Solar System

Naseer K. Kasim, Hazim H. Hussain and Alaa N. Abed

Molecular Ordering and Nematic Character of Nonyloxy Benzoic Acid: Solvent and Thermodynamic Potentials Effect

Punyatoya Das and P. Lakshmi Praveen

The Casimir Energy for Lorentz-Violating Scalar Field in Sphere

M. A. Valuyan

Enhancement of the Solar-Thermal Response of Flat-plate Collector Coated with a Heat-resistant Paint

Ruaa H. Jasim and Ahmed A. Al-Tabbakh