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Volume 16, No. 4, Oct. 2023, Rabi-Al-Thani 1445 H

Doi: 10.47011/16.4

Table of Contents: 




Monte Carlo Simulation of Free-standing Thin Films under Low Energy Electron Bombardment: Electron Inelastic Mean Free Path (IMFP) Determination Using Elastic Peak of the Transmitted Electrons

Ahmad M.D. (Assa'd) Jaber, H. H. Kawariq, C. G. H. Walker and Marwan S. Mousa



Simulation and Analysis of Field-dependent Measurements for Different a-Si:H and nc-Si:H Samples

R. I. Badran,  Saja Elnajjar  and  Ahmad Umar



Experimental Validation of NACA 6321 Airfoil Characteristics Obtained Using Different Turbulence Models

K. Balaji  and  G. Jims John Wessley



Heavy Metal Concentration in Harmattan Dust across Selected Stations in Nigeria

Francis Olatunbosun AWEDA, Oluwasesan Adeniran FALAIYE and Timothy Kayode SAMSON



High-Resolution Powder Diffractometer Facility (HRPDF) for Low and Medium Power Research Reactor

Khalifeh AbuSaleem



Magnetization Plateaus of a Double Fullerene Core/Shell Like-Nanostructure in an External Magnetic Field: Monte Carlo Study

H. Eraki, N. Maaouni, Z. Fadil, A. Mhirech, B. Kabouchi, L. Bahmad and  W. Ousi Benomar



10 Hz Stable Mode-locked Er-Fiber Laser

F. Qamar



Tunable Harmonics Generation from Low Average Power Mode-Locked Er-Fiber Laser Using Periodic Poling Nonlinear Crystals

F. Qamar



Numerical Simulation of Optimal Entanglement Network Protocols for Multiple States

Daegene Song



Estimating the Dimensions of the Radiological Field Suitable For the Treatment of Cancerous Tumors by Simulating a Proton Treatment System and Applying It to a Water Phantom Using the MCNP Code

Lara K. Jarouj,  Anis Bilal   and  Nikola Abo Issa



Simulated Solar Radiation Experiment to Detect and Model Temperature Rise in the Metropolitan City, Karachi

Atteeq Razzak,    Mohammad A. Shaikh,    Muhammad Ahmed    and   Syed A. Shah



Assessment of Health Risks for Heavy Metals in Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish of Cheese Samples Available of Iraqi Markets

Ruaa R. Muneam  and  Ali Abid Abojassim