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Volume 8, No. 1, 2015, 1436 H

 English Articles



Relativistic Energy and Mass in the Weak Field Limit

Within the framework of the covariant theory of gravitation (CTG), the energy is calculated for a system with continuously distributed matter, taking into account the contribution of the gravitational and electromagnetic fields and the contribution of the pressure and acceleration fields. The total energy of all the fields is equal to zero, and the system’s energy is formed from the energy of the particles, which are under the influence of these fields.  ...


Sergey G. Fedosin

JJP, 2015, 8(1) , 1-16

Dose from Naturally Occurring Radium Radioactivity in Abstracted Disi Fossil Groundwater

The radium activity concentration data measured by Vengosh et al. [1] in water samples from the Disi aquifer are utilized to calculate the annual effective dose delivered to adult human consumers. Although the total activity in the Rum group in particular is significantly high compared to the very conservative World Health Organization WHO guidelines, the calculated average effective dose is slightly higher than the Jordanian standard and less than the corresponding value in the Australian guidelines.  ...


Saed Dababneh

JJP, 2015, 8(1) , 17-27

Comparative Study of Soil Radon Concentration Levels Using Active and Passive Detectors

Passive radon diffusion dosimeters containing CR-39 detectors, and an active electronic device, RAD7®, were used for measuring soil radon concentration levels, at different depths, in a phosphatic site in the city of Irbid, north of Jordan. Time-averaged values of the active detector readings based on the periodicity of soil radon concentration levels are compared with measurements of the passive detectors at different depths. An acceptable agreement is observed.


N. M. Ershaidat,             B. A. Al-Bataina and     W. S. Al-Rayashi

JJP, 2015, 8(1) , 29-37

Reflection of Polarized Light at Quasi-Index-Matched Dielectric-Conductor Interfaces

Quasi-index-matched (QIM) dielectric-conductor interfaces are characterized by a unit-magnitude complex relative dielectric function,  and exhibit minimum reflectance at normal incidence. Their reflection properties are analyzed in detail as functions of the incident linear polarization (p or s), angle of incidence  and. Complex-plane trajectories of the Fresnel reflection coefficients  and their ratio  as increases from 0 toare presented at discrete values of  



R. M. A. Azzam


JJP, 2015, 8(1) , 39-47

 Arabic Articles



Effects of Chemical Solution Temperature on the Bulk Etch Rate of the Detector CR-39

The effects of chemical etchant temperatures on the bulk etch rate VB of CR-39 SNTDs were investigated. The bulk etch rate is determined through direct measurement of "length-diameter Le-D" of alpha-particles track in the detector. Alpha-particles irradiations were made with energy of 2.5MeV under normal incidence radioactive source 241Am of an activity of 1 µCi. The detector is etched by an aqueous solution of NaOH/water with 6.25 normality N in the temperature range (55, 60, 65, 70) ±1 oC. ...


Sa'eed Hassan Sa'eed Al-Nia’emi

JJP, 2015, 8(1) , 49-55



Computer Algorithm for Counting and Measuring Alpha Particles Track Diameters in CR-39 Detectors

This work is concerned with the design and test of a Matlab-2012 computer algorithm capable of performing image processing operations on digital images of alpha particles tracks on CR-39 detectors. The software measures the diameters of individual tracks separately and registers the measured value of each diameter on the digital picture. It also calculates the mean and standard deviation for all tracks within any particular view. In addition to the enhanced measurement accuracy resulting from the elimination of sources of human errors associated with microscope measurements, the software saves a great deal of manual effort compared with the method currently being used for the study of nuclear tracks. ...


Mushtaq Al-Jubbori and Salah Al-Shumaisy

JJP, 2015, 8(1) , 57-65