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Volume 14, No. 4, December 2021, Jumada-Al-Awwal 1443 H

Doi: 10.47011/14.4


Mid IR Holmium, Praseodymium - doped Fluoride Fiber Laser Pulse Operation

Fadi Qamar

Investigation of the Structural and Magnetic Properties of BaM Hexaferrites Prepared from Scrap Iron Filings

Eman S. Al-Hwaitat, Mohammad K. Dmour, Ibrahim Bsoul, Abeer Albgour,  Tuqa Alsalti, Raghad Abuawad, Aseel Alajarmah, Rola Al-Buqain and Sami H. Mahmood

Solution of the Hamilton – Jacobi Equation in a Central Potential Using the Separation of Variables Method with Staeckel Boundary Conditions

B. M. Al-Khamiseh, R. S. Hijjawi and J. M. Khalifeh

The Alpha Particle Doses Received by Students and Staff in Twenty Schools in the North of Hebron Region - Palestine

L. A. Mashal, K. M. Thabayneh and M. M. Abu-Samreh

Single-mode Optical Fiber: An Investigation for the Bending Loss at Wavelength 650 nm

Anu Dhupar, Suresh Kumar, Kajal Mittal, Anu, Sanjay K. Sharma, Vandana Sharma and Jatinder K. Sharma

Applying in-Situ and Laboratory-based Gamma Spectrometry to Determine Activity Concentration and Distribution of 40K, 226Ra and 232Th in Abeokuta, Southwest Nigeria

A. O. Mustapha, P. E. Biere, A. E. Ajetunmobi and J. O. Aina

Calculation of the Electric Quadrupole Moment of 6Li and 7Li in Shell Model and Cluster Model

Jamshid K. Bizhaem, Nasrin Malekinezhad and Mohammadreza Shojaei

Study on the Applicability of Varshni Potential to Predict the Mass Spectra of the Quark-Antiquark Systems in a Non-relativistic Framework

Etido P. Inyang, Ephraim P. Inyang, Eddy S. William and Etebong E. Ibekwe

Influence of Solvents on Properties of ZnS Thin Films Synthesized by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Technique

Akintunde A. Ajayi, Aderemi B. Alabi, Olutayo W. Abodunrin,    Ibukun S. Akinsola, Olukunle C. Olawole, Abiodun M. Salawu and Adewale Ayeni

Retrieval of Optical Constants of Undoped Flash-Evaporated Lead Iodide Films from an Analysis of Their Normal Incidence Transmission Spectra Using Swanepoel’s Transmission Envelope Theory of Non-Uniform Films

Mousa M. A-G. Jafar, Nidal M. Ershaidat, Mais J. A. Ahmad, Mahmoud H. Saleh and Basim N. Bulos