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Volume 16, No. 2, June 2020 

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

An Evaluation of the Experience of Muítah University in Using the Learning ‎Management System ‎‏(‏Moodle)‎‎

Omar AL-Omari


JJES,16(2), 2020, 129-141


The Effect of Web Quest Strategy in Developing Critical Thinking Skills in ‎Literary Texts and Sustaining its Learning Impact


Wahiba Al-maolyah and Fatemah Al-Kaf


JJES,16(2), 2020, 143-153

Emotional Intelligence and its Relationship with Future Anxiety among a ‎Sample of Orphan and Unknown Descent Children ‎


Ahmad Gazo


JJES,16(2), 2020, 155-172

The Relationship between the Strategic Planning Indicators and University ‎Performance at University of Aden


Aswan Hamza


JJES,16(2), 2020, 173-189

Cultural Intelligence of International School Principals and its Relation to the Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Teachers

Sonia AL Jamal and Aref Al Attari    


JJES,16(2), 2020, 191-203

The Effectiveness of Group Counseling Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in Developing the Behavioral Characteristics and Verbal Communication Skills

Burhan Hamadneh and Ragea Alqahtani


JJES,16(2), 2020, 205-222

The Effectiveness of Employing Patriotic Songs in Creating National Identity and Stimulating Motivation among Students

Hani Obeidat and Mohammad  Obeidat


JJES,16(2), 2020, 223-233

The Contribution Ratio of Mindís Habits in Predicting Creative Self-Efficacy ‎for Gifted Students ‎

Muhannad Alqudah


JJES,16(2), 2020, 235-255


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